We are looking for Students.

University at BuffaloThe Western New York Watershed Network is looking for students.  If you are interested in working on some undergraduate research please contact us.  We are looking for up to 10 Undergraduate students from Buffalo area Universities to help address the following research objectives:

  • Develop correlation between precipitation, stream discharge, and beach closures (Team Beach Closures)
  • Analyze relationships between meteoric events and water clarity, temperature, and pH in Lake Erie (Team Turbidity)
  • Quantify residence time of E. Coli in urban streams (Team E. Coli)
  • Evaluate spatial changes in temperature, conductivity, pH and dissolved oxygen on major tributaries that enter Lake Erie as a result of the impact of urban versus rural land cover (Team Stream Quality)
  • Determine relationship between stream stage and discharge on major tributaries that enter Lake Erie (Team Rating Curve)

Contact us at: wnywater@buffalo.edu or @wnywatershed


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